Venice Surf & Skate Auction

Posted On 02 Sep 2014

Venice Surf & Skate Auction

On 02 Sep 2014 By Carver Skateboards

The 4th annual Venice Surf & Skate silent auction took place on a perfectly balmy summer evening, where the sharply attired rubbed shoulders with the flip-flopped, all in support of the Venice Family Clinic, a non-profit medical center for low-income residents. Local artists, surfers and skaters donated artworks to raise money for the clinic, located at the heart of the famed LA arts neighborhood. The event has become a showcase for emerging talent and a great opportunity to pick up work by well known artists too. From Ed and Andy Moses, Ned Evans and Alejandro Geary to Jeff Ho, Skip Engbloom and Christian Hosoi, the roster was a cross-section of diverse talent.

Carver Skateboards helped out with the donation of skateboard decks for artists to use as their canvas. Neil Carver donated a prop he designed from the upcoming reboot of the classic action film ‘Point Break’, directed by Venice local Ericson Core, and signed by lead actor Luke Bracey, who plays Johnny Utah, Gerard Butler who plays Bodhi, and Teresa Palmer who plays Tyler. Jen Wolf sculpted a surfboard into an homage of the legendary Venice designer Ray Eames, who with her husband Charles had a studio on Rose Avenue, the same street that the Venice Family Clinic currently resides.

As the event drew to a close the generous bids brought in much needs funds for the clinic, while old friends and new acquaintances hung out to the sounds of New Beat Fund. Thanks to all for their generous support, we’ll see you all again next year!