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My name’s Sam, I’m 16 and I live in Seattle and believe it or not I am actually a die heart surfer. My life revolves around surfing just like any other surfer out there. Im a be honest and say that’s it’s kinda weird for a teenage kid who lives in Seattle to love surfing as much as I do because the waves are a longass drive away from where I live. In this time of the year I only surf 3-4 times a mouth so it’s easy to get out of shape and louse your touch. I swear I wish I could go and just live somewhere where it wasn’t a three hour drive to the ocean, somewhere right next to the ocean so I could surf everyday, but for now I am stuck here.

And that’s where you guys come in…

Your guyzezz swallow tail board has brought the ocean to me. I can’t afford to go surf in the ocean every day, but because of your board I can surf everything around me that looks like a wave.

That’s something I can do and do do every day (hmm dodo haha what a f@$%^& riot). I ride my board almost every day because I use it to commute to work and it actually makes the commute bearable. I shred every mound and driveway I can find along the way to work. I also ride the thing whenever I get the chance and I ride it not only to keep my surfing dialed in but because I freakin love the s@#$ out of it.

So thank you! One love too my brothers and sisters at Carver” – Sam


“Greeting Carver Skateboards!

My name is Aron, and you have made me and Surfpunk a very happy couple for the last year!

I live in Alberta, Canada from England and your boards changed my life completely. I grew up my whole life never really being any good at sports and one day decided to try long boarding. Who’d have know that I would walk into a little shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia to discover Carver.

I left the store to face torrential rain coming in from the harbour but I was so ‘pumped’ to jump on my new deck and learn how to use your revolutionary surfing dynamic. 3 hours passed and I still couldn’t care less about the rain. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring it with me and I crave the feeling surfskating everyday still.

If it wasn’t for you still wouldn’t have found my first really passion in my life. It is for that reason that I advocate you to every longboarder/skater I come into contact with. The ideals you stand for serve as my daily bread and butter. I never get tired of pushing those boards/lifestlye on everyone, in the hope that someone else will be just as enlightened as I am. It’s become a dream of mine to work with you. I love dealing with people, building interpersonal relationships and putting a smile on every customers face I serve. Combining that with what I would really consider the first real passion of my life ,I would not only make a great ambassador for your company but I want to see you succeed even further. So many people still do not know about your product; it has the ability to shape the next generation of boarders. I want to be a part of it and I think my skills would help take your business further (especially in Canada). There is a lot of opportunity here that just isn’t tapped by any other companies except Landyatchs and Sector 9, but they do not have what you do.

It’s a dream nonetheless.” – Aron Cooper (A very happy customer)


“Dear Mr. Greg Falk and the Carver family

I am again very thankful for the help you’ve given me the past few months. I have been very satisfied. Carver is the only skateboard I really ride and probably will be for a long time.

Thank you very much.”- Sam Matheson


“Hey guys! You guys make the best skateboards! I have had this carver since I worked at proctor over a year ago and it has been making me laugh smile and bleed every day since. (All good things) I rode it to school for my last two years of high school, and my friends and I have graduated to ripping them through college. talking to you guys on the phone today about your upgrade promotion that expired already really sealed the deal in my eyes. I have bought 3 carvers so far and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next! Keep up the great work! You rock!” -Carmen


“I just ordered and received my Kerrlage complete and freaking love it! Spent half of yesterday down at the greenway shredding banks and flats and the other half clearing furniture out of my home/office so I could rip figure 8s around the house (didn’t get much work done)! -Bryan Foster


“Being a surfer in Sweden, Carvers are truly amazing for in-between-surfs-training (and keeps me from losing it during the looong Scandinavian flat spells!)

Every time I go ride a pool with the Carver, other skaters get so impressed when they try it out, and I always get questions where I got this “crazy truck” and how they can get one themselves.

Just wanted to pass on this stoke from this side of the globe!” -David


“Hello I have been riding one of your Greenroom C7 boards and absolutely loving it. I’m 30 and had never skateboarded, now after a couple weeks I’m having fun carving hills and pumping bowls. I’m a snowboarder and find the carving action to be extremely smooth, it’s like being up on the mountain without paying for a lift ticket! Here in Seattle it is really tough finding your products and I really want to move to a Fraktal because of it’s shorter wheel base. Can I buy just the deck? Anyhow thanks for making an awesome product.” – Andrew Tomkinson


“I wanted to formally thank you all for a wonderful experience at your manufacturing site, today. We all very much appreciated the friendly and professional welcome but mostly seeing the behind-the-scenes processing of your amazing product. I am “sold” on the fact that Carver truly offers something no other Board company can, neither here in the US, France nor any other country at that.” – Anne Marie Gariador


“I’ve been riding skateboards/longboards for years now and due to my role at the Dailystoke.com, I have been lucky to have opportunity to try a lot of different rides. That being said, I am going to make the bold statement that this is the closest I have come to replicating the feel of a knee high swell on a 5’10” fish!!!” – Shaper


“Just a quick thank you for designing a killer board, I feel like I have finally found the board to dominate the hills I live on. I’ve been riding my new BITMAP for about a week and it is “MENTAL” I have been skating since I’ve been thirteen, and this is the best board I own, it is a great trainer for my surfing also. I’m fifty years old, and I’m gonna tear the S@#T out of all the pavement I can ……Thank’s again” – Eric Benson


“Hey guys, tripping on my Da Monsta carver!!! Such an incredible alternative for surfers like me who are stocked for around 3 months between snow and fat spells!!!!. The more I use it the more I like it. The best part is that is not altering my style whatsoever. In fact a bunch of my friends say that I do keep the same style surfing/ carving…that’s the beauty of it, is the same thing but on land!!!” – Igor


“Last week bought a fort knox board from Archie in New Plymouth, New Zealand. It is Awesome! it has exactly the ride feel i was looking for. Riding to uni everyday will be bloody ace! Good work guys and gals” – Jay Wightman