Remembering ‘J-Boy’

Posted On 04 Sep 2014

Remembering ‘J-Boy’

On 04 Sep 2014 By Carver Skateboards

Friends, family, surfers and skateboarders all gathered at the Venice Pier Saturday Morning, August 30th to paddle out in honor of legendary Z-boy Jay Adams. While it was a time of mourning, it was also a gathering of the tribe, as all were there to remember Jay, share stories and find solace in the community of those who knew him and those he inspired. Surfers on all types of boards gathered into a tight cluster on the north side of the pier, which was festooned with tropical flowers, to float together in remembrance.

After the paddle-out everyone met at the Venice Beach Skatepark, where close friends like Tony Alva, Jesse Martinez and Jeff Ho shared heartfelt memories. They spoke about what Jay taught them, and as evidenced by the heavy turnout it was clear that many were inspired by what Jay did as a skateboarder. Christian Hosoi was one of the speakers at the memorial, who said “Jay’s legacy, his story, his life, will be remembered in the history skateboarding, from Dogtown and Venice Beach, Zephyr, the Z-Boys, Z-Flex, the Marina Del Rey skatepark, his children, and everyone that knew him as his brother and skateboard companion.”

After some skating by those who had ridden with him, a portrait of Jay was unveiled in the deep bowl depicting him in a classic carve. We’re forever indebted to Jay for his contribution to skateboarding, and every time we throw down a low surf-style carve we’ll be honoring him and the gifts he gave us all.

Photos – Moi Martinez