Rip Curl Grom Search 2016

Posted On 04 Nov 2016

Rip Curl Grom Search 2016

On 04 Nov 2016 By Vanessa Davey


This year’s Rip Curl Grom Search has been an awesome and wild ride. The event series brought together the best young surfers in America to compete in a WSL-styled event. The goal is to nurture and recruit the next generation of phenom surfers at a grassroots level. Naturally it made perfect sense for Carver to get involved, as we do the same thing – help progress and train aspiring riders by utilizing our skateboards and patented truck technology.

The series started in Huntington Beach, CA in June, then moved on to Kewalos on Oahu, HI in July, then New Smyrna Beach, FL in August, and then to Nags Head, NC later that same month. Finally, all 64 or the finalists from each of these stops met up at Seaside Reef, San Diego, CA for the National Finals, which happened this past weekend to some pretty decent waves.

This year’s Finals was particularly special because we brought the Carver Wave Bank to Seaside, unveiling our latest bowl-end corner for the first time. From the moment the Bank opened, kids were ripping around, getting amazing speed because of the corner allowing them to try new tricks and further progress their riding.

Many thanks goes out to Rip Curl for putting together such a fun and relaxed event – bringing together the next generation of surfing’s future, and showcasing all that young talent.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s event, and good luck at the International Finals:

Girls U16

  1. Caroline Marks
  2. Brisa Hennessy
  3. Kirra Pinkerton
  4. Samantha Sibley

Boys U16

  1. Kade Matson
  2. David Economos
  3. Parker Cohn
  4. Elijah Fox

Boys U14

  1. Malakai Martinez
  2. Kade Matson
  3. Crosby Colapinto
  4. Nick Marshall

Boys U12

  1. Jackson Bunch
  2. Jett Schilling
  3. Robert Grilho III
  4. Levi Slawson

If you missed the Live Webcast, check out this video recap, 1:19 for The Carver Wave Bank!

A few photos from the event:


The scene on Finals day at Seaside Reef this past Saturday.


Morning wrap on the new bowl-end corner.


Skating is always more fun with friends.


Or with family!


Especially when you’re learning new tricks. Boneless with style.


Feelin’ the soul turn on the bowl-end corner.


The Carver Wave Bank allowed riders to dial-in their maneuvers with repetition in a safe and consistent environment.


William was slashing the ramp all day.


Layback in the new corner.


The peanut gallery in full effect.


Push new limits on the Carver Wave Bank.


Or if turns aren’t your thing..


Thanks to Team Rider Geoff Sagara for coming out and popping a few bonelesses.


Carver’s Certified Trucksmiths were onsite tuning up and repairing old boards – Carver Skateboards trucks are guaranteed for life.


Thanks for coming out, and see you at the next one!