Red Bull Groms Take Over

Posted On 24 Jan 2014

Red Bull Groms Take Over

On 24 Jan 2014 By Carver Skateboards

Red Bull Groms

Last year we met with Greg Cruse and the USA Surf Team to discuss making a model specifically for team rider training. The team had already been using Carver skateboards for pre-surf warm-ups as well as technique training and stamina development. The coaches working with these exceptional groms noticed that leg strength was something the young riders needed to focus on. They also needed a way to create drills that worked on specific maneuvers, such as pumping and cutbacks, so they could train on land first and then methodically take those techniques into the surf.

During our first meeting the team rode some of our latest boards as we brainstormed design ideas for their custom model. As they pumped around we saw that most of them preferred the shorter models such as the Swallow, which they all agreed had their favorite wheelbase. As we discussed it further they told us they also wanted a small nose kick for ollies and tricks. Not a full nose kick, just a little half nose that kept the length and weight down. They also wanted a split tail design, sort of like a squared-off fish.

We had a roll of paper and pencils so we drew it up right then and there. That afternoon we returned to the Carver design studio and got to work producing their vision.

Once we were done and had their new 30” Booster model ready we met up with Surfing America’s head coach Shane Beschen at the Red Bull house to show the team their new model. Everyone was there; Jake Davis, Kanoa Igarashi, Cam Richards, Griffin Colapinto, Nikki Viesins, Colin Moran, Colt Ward, Daniel Glenn, Jake Marshall, Kevin Schulz, Maddie Perersib, Micah Byrne, Nic Hdez, Parker Coffin, Quincy Davis, Taylor Clark, Tia Bianco and Noah Beschen.

We set up some cup cones in this quiet cul de sac in San Clemente and hung out as Shane led some drills. He had the kids pumping tight formations between the cones, pump racing from a standstill, and free style carving up and down the hill. They were super stoked on their new model, noticing all the details they had asked for, stoked on how they worked just right. Shout outs to Red Bull for hosting such fun session!

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