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We consider innovation to be right in our wheelhouse. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to welcome an innovator in both the free surf and competition realms to our team, Josh Kerr. A laid-back competitor with aggressive results, Josh hails from the Gold Coast-neighboring town of Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia. The devoted family man now resides in the quintessential, North County beach town of Carlsbad, CA. Josh garnered exposure for his aerial antics from a young age, and his endless pursuit of bringing something new to the table every time he enters the water has created a catalog of Kerzzy-dubbed tricks. But it’s his lethal combination of airs and power that has helped him climb the ranks of the ASP World Championship Tour. His versatility, character and uncanny originality are why we’re honored to stamp our newest Carver Pro Models with the “Kerrzy” name.