Josh Kerr Design Session

Posted On 08 Jan 2014

Josh Kerr Design Session

On 08 Jan 2014 By Carver Skateboards


Josh Kerr is as stoked on four wheels as he is on water, a versatile board rider bringing progression to the asphalt as much as the water. It was a natural progression that Josh would join the Carver team, as he easily blends his surfing style with this progressive surfskate’s performance. Josh first rode his son’s Carver in the driveway of their house and instantly fell in love. “I like how snappy it is, how you can keep yourself going by just pumping in the tightest space.” So on a sunny California morning the Carver design department packed up a bunch of boards and drove down from El Segundo to Carlsbad to meet up with the man and talk about the designs for his two new pro models.

Josh came in with a strong vision; ‘I want a little squash tail for traveling and pumping in small spaces, and I want a slightly longer diamond tail for faster riding’. He also talked about how he wanted photos for his graphic, and wanted to use his filmer Matt Kleiner’s photos. For one of his models he was adamant; ‘I want a hot girl on the bottom!’ We couldn’t have agreed more.

After sharing a bunch of reference photos and taking lots of notes, everyone felt like the concepts were well communicated. Eyeing the stack of skateboards the guys had brought, Josh suggested they go out back and try them all out. In the cool winter air warmed by the bright sun, everyone worked up a nice sweat surfing the sloped surface. It was the perfect way to end the session, as the guys drove back up the coast and got to work making Josh’s vision become reality.

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