-2 1/2” tall
-5.0” hanger with a 7 5/8” axle
-.55” top conical bushing, .55” bottom conical bushing, both 89a durometer
-2 1/4“ kingpin
-.625” OD x .468” ID pivot cup
-Drilled to new and old school mounting patterns
-Sand cast 356 aluminum alloy, heat-treated to Rockwell T6
-Made in the USA

The CX MINI is Carver’s surfskate truck for mini cruisers. This little truck is narrow and low, so it works perfectly on small decks under 27” long and under 7 ¾” wide. It’s a lightweight RKP (Reverse King Pin) hanger and base is designed with our patented geometry for the front truck combined with our C2 narrow SKP (Standard Kin Pin) truck for the tail, so you get every bit of turn and pump from the system. Since it’s meant for such a small deck the CX Mini geometry is a little tighter than it’s larger cousin, the CX 6.5”. This means that you can pump this truck like a surfboard, but it has a bit more stability to handle the super short wheelbase of a mini.


Because the CX is a Reverse King Pin (RKP) front truck, the kingpin faces forward when the truck is mounted to the nose. This is the opposite of the rear C2 truck, which is a Standard King Pin (SKP) truck. Since this is a directional set up like a surfboard, the advantage of this is that both front and rear axles are trailing behind the kingpins, reducing the propensity for leading-axle induced wobbles. Further reducing this tendency is the differential between the front and back turn rates. This is because as the front turns more sharply, the rear has a more moderate rate of turn and acts as a sort of rolling rudder that stabilizes the board at higher speeds.

History of the Carver CX Truck

So for the past 16 years we’ve subscribed to the philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement. So for the past 9 years we’ve continued to work on ways to make each new version of this truck perform better than the last. With this latest version, the CX.4, we’ve boosted the performance of this truck to have an amount of thrust none of us ever thought possible. Here’s the history of this incredible truck:



2004-2005: We knew early on that by raising the bushing seat and adding extra trail to the axle that we could create the kind of thrust that was inspired by our C7 truck, but with the simplicity of an RKP design, and it is the basis for our patented geometry. At the time we wanted to make this truck look as much like a regular truck as possible, but we went a little crazy on the side ribs!



2006-2009: In our quest to make this look more like a standard truck the first thing we did was reduce the big ribbed ‘wings’. We also added some beef to the pivot pin for impact strength and sculpted the bushing cup sidewalls to form natural wheelbite stops.