#carvercontest winners

Posted On 16 Apr 2014

#carvercontest winners

On 16 Apr 2014 By Carver Skateboards


Each contest photo is a window deep into a moment rich in fun experiences. It shows more than just that single millisecond of action, but gives you a glimpse into the larger moment that led up that captured instant; all the exploration, the riding practice, and the creative spirit that it takes to both use the paved landscape for our amusement and capture it with a camera.

As we look over all of the amazing contest shots and the fun experiences they depict, it seems impossible to pick just one winner. We know how hard it is to take a good photo! When we study our favorite images we notice some common threads; a fun looking or dramatic spot, a good composition, and a stylish carve that fully exploits the spot and the board. Added bonuses include great light and some local flavor. Some are multi-frame images that either show a sequence (important to confirm airs) or present a sort of rider profile. There were other notable shots that capture what it is to skate, such as an epic fall caught just before impact, or the camaraderie of a group night ride. The ones that truly rise above all convey a certain feeling that inspires us to grab our board and go out for a ride.

What’s so striking is the variety of experiences taken as a whole, representative of what’s happening on Carvers even as we read this now, in fun spots all around the world. And each photo holds a central connective thread that runs through it: our shared passion for surfing the paved wave.

That we could facilitate this for our riders is a dream come true for us at Carver because we’re on the same boards, on the same paved waves, feeling the same stoke. For us to get a glimpse into our extended family and witness your fun shows us that our efforts are well spent. So thank you all for sharing your stoke!

Some photos deserve honorable mention for the way they show what our boards do best, which is to carve deep turns, cranked on rail. Even the ones that don’t show the board in action all convey the rider’s stoke, which, let’s face it, is the whole point.

In the end our contest winner captured a feeling, a stylish moment of glide with all the potential energy of the incline stretching ahead, warmly lit by the low sun.

Here are some other shots we received.


Thanks to all the carvers who participated, and keep an eye out for our next contest – Make Waves – The Carver Crew