Carver Proteus

Posted On 13 May 2015

Carver Proteus

On 13 May 2015 By Carver Skateboards

tyler1Carver has always been about surfing. It was the direct inspiration for the performance of our skateboards, as we literally went surfing in the morning and skating in the afternoons to compare performance and find the common ground. Now, after all these years of riding our skateboards we realized that we also want something more from our surfboards, ironically something a bit more like our skateboards. So we created the Proteus, a surfboard that feels more skatey than a standard surfboard, and paired it with a matching surfskate so you can smoothly transition between the ocean and the asphalt with a continuous surf experience. Both boards share templates and performance characteristics so that you can practice maneuvers on the skateboard with repeatability and then apply those skills to your wave riding. The Proteus surfboard is a symmetrical template rounded squash made from the latest sustainable materials, notably Marko’s EPS Enviro Foam, Entropy’s Super Sap epoxi resin as well as bio-glass, bamboo top skin and glassed-on bamboo fins. The Proteus skateboard is made with recycled aluminum trucks and soy urethane wheels, while the decks are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for sustainable forestry management. All boards and components are made in the USA, which also reduces the impact of import transportation at the manufacturing level.


There’s a lot of interest in shorter boards with low rocker and high volume for good reason. They are easy to paddle, fast down the line and quick turning. Since conditions are not always ideal, the average surfer needs a board that can handle a wide range of waves without having to resort to a longer board. With that in mind Carver created the Proteus, a stub-nosed, symmetrical template board that splits the difference between a high-volume funboard and a performance-oriented shortboard. The concept centers on finding the balance between easy paddling and quick maneuverability with minimum compromise. To achieve this we’ve packed functional volume under your chest so you can scratch into fatter, smaller waves, but kept the tail thinner so you have control in larger surf. The rounded squash tail draws smooth lines while still packing some extra surface area to give you lift and speed without getting too big, while the straighter rail holds speed like a board a foot longer. The bottom contours start with a slight rolled vee entry, which cuts through chop and allows the wider nose to roll rail-to-rail easily. It then flows into a double concave mid-section for speed and hold, while the tail splits into a concave vee for easier rail-to-rail with a wider tail. We recommend riding this board between 1-5 inches shorter than your height. Comes with a 5 fin set up for variable fin configurations.


5’ 11” Long
21 1/2″’ Wide
2 7/8” Thick
5 Fin


When we set out to make a skateboard that surfed, we tried to get as close to the feeling of pumping, carving on rail and driving through a roundhouse as we could. With the Proteus surfskate we took that concept and tailored the specifics to match this particular surfboard, so that you could more easily transition between practicing your maneuvers on land and taking them to the waves. So the new Proteus skateboard shares the same blunt-nose template, allowing for a wider stance with better front foot support and the same clipped nose for reduced swing weight when snapping a turn. The shape contour features a slight spoon nose for better control, as well as a full skate tail for ollies, pivots, boneless airs and all other standard skateboard tricks. At the heart of the system are the trucks, an asymmetrical set that creates the same rear-pivot snap you get surfing. Just a little rail-to-rail action and the board immediately starts to thrust forward, encouraging good form and strengthening your surfing muscles. Even the wheels are designed to increase grip over standard wheel designs, with a concave surface that flexes to hug the road, allowing you to lean into your turns like never before, and coming the closest to the kind of hold you get on rail in the water. The 30″ Proteus comes standard with 78a/69mm concave wheels, 7 ply maple deck and the Carver CX.4 truck set.


30 1/2″ Long
9 7/8” Wide
69mm/78a Concave wheels
Recommended with the CX truck set for snappy thruster/quad performance.

Carver is introducing these new models at the Boardroom show May 16 & 17 in Del Mar, California, and will be available for sale after the show. Contact us at for pre-book orders.