#CarverContest Winners

Posted On 23 Oct 2014

#CarverContest Winners

On 23 Oct 2014 By Carver Skateboards





Once again we’re stoked and honored to have received so many photos from around the world, showing how diverse the Carver community truly is. For our second ‘Carver Style’ contest we received over double the images from the last contest, making the difficult job of selecting just a few even more difficult! We approached the selection process by first looking for compelling images, so after looking at hundreds of photos, we asked ourselves which ones did we remember? Then each of the 3 judges put a few dozen photos each in a folder, and then we compared our picks. We noticed that there were many overlapping selections so we used that as a guide to further consolidate our choices. We each had a few personal favorites we included in the mix that weren’t on everyone’s list too. At this point we began to discuss the finer points of each photo; Was it well composed in the frame? Did it show a stylish maneuver? DId it have good lighting? Was it taken at a cool spot? We even went into each rider’s Instagram account to see what other images they posted, though this was more about getting to know each rider and less about judging each photo on its own merits.

For our first place we were divided on who should win; on the one hand @ofer_yakov’s photo had a joyously executed off-the-lip surrounded by painterly colors. As an image it not only captured the feeling of surfing, but showed off the board beautifully. On the other hand, @jacob.arias’s photo of a backside carve high up on the wall of a perfect ditch told the enviable story of a secret-wave session we’d all want to ride. The light was magic, the carve was surfy and the spot was a perfect concrete wave. In the end we decided that both riders earned their place on the podium, so we split first place between them, with each getting a free board.

Judging is always so hard because each image has its merits, and it depends on what’s most important to you. We included a few more photo winners in the Honorable Mention category because we didn’t want to neglect giving props to some of the other photos we liked. @jzamphillips’ layback is literally throwing spray off his tail, bringing the beauty of water into a photo on the street. @rspillman321’s rail grab is straight up surf; we can feel the power in his tail whip and can easily imagine this same body position on a wave. And finally @gabrielabez’s nighttime carve was flowing with perfect trajectory, her hair blowing back to show how fast her line in the dark Brazilian forest really was.

Below is a selection of other staff favorites that we felt you should see. We’ll be announcing the next contest soon, where we’ll be shaking it up a bit with a new format, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have fun!


The Carver Crew