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c2 c2_back
-2 7/8” tall
-6.5” hanger with a 9” axle
-.55’ top conical bushing, .65” bottom barrel bushing. Stock 89a durometer for easy pumping.
-2 ½” kingpin
-.7” OD x ½” ID pivot cup
-Drilled to new and old school mounting patterns
-Sand cast 356 aluminum alloy, heat-treated to Rockwell T6
-Made in the USA

We’ve been busy making improvements to all our trucks, and this staple of the line The Carver C2.4 is no exception. This SKP (Standard King Pin) style of truck is the rear truck to both our CX and C7 front trucks. We focused on its performance as a smooth-turning rear pivot that coordinates with the more radical turning of the front by matching rail range but reducing turn rate. This makes it an ideal stable pivot to rely on under your back foot while you pump the board. We tested many geometries and found that most trucks designed to function well as pairs need to have some pumping properties to feel good when ridden together, but since our front trucks are already the dynamic engine of the pair it was actually necessary to moderate the performance of the rear truck. When you push into the tail you don’t want to feel too much turn, as that results in tail drift. You also don’t want it to dig into a turn, as you are relying on that rear pivot for stability. During our testing we also learned that besides the wheel formula, truck geometry is an important part of grip and traction. So we designed the performance of the new C2 to allow you to push hard into the tail and have the wheels bite into the pavement without any of the subtle chatter that results in traction break. These were not properties we theorized, but were purely the result of extensive experimentation and prototyping. We got what we wanted by skating hard and taking notes. And what we got is a back truck that holds the ground in the deepest turns, feels solid underfoot and snaps back to center with exceptional rebound.


The key performance characteristic of the new C2.4 is the moderate turn rate, comparable to a 42 heightc24degree racing RKP truck, but in an SKP design. This provides a stable platform under your back foot that holds your line with just the right amount of turn to coordinate perfectly with either of ourfront trucks, the C7 or the CX. But because it’s a trailing-axle truck when ridden directionally, it does not have the leading-axle propensity to dig into a turn or wobble at speed, giving it a distinct advantage over using RKP trucks for the tail. We did however use the taller bushing set standard to the RKP truck for both the increased rail range and rebound it afforded, but also for the aftermarket customization it allows. The cast-in bottom cup washer of the previous C2.3 is now a separate cup washer, further allowing for changes in the bushing set up. We now set this truck up standard with a barrel bottom bushing instead of the previous bottom conical because the extra material provides significantly more rebound, giving deep-railed turns a springy yet firm limit that pushes back just the right amount.

Height heightc24

We increased the height of the C2.4 baseplate so you can use 70 mm Roundhouse wheels and get the full tilt during deep carving while still controlling wheelbite. This has reduced the number of 3/16” risers used on previous lower models from 3 to 1, so if you ride a 70 mm wheel you only need one riser. If you ride our smaller 65 mm Roundhouse wheels you can eliminate any risers and still get full range turning without wheelbite. The reduction of 2 risers eliminates their added weight, plusit shortens the mounting hardware. With longer hardware you get some baseplate twisting as your truck turns, reducing the direct forces on the truck and increasing wear on the wood deck around the screw heads. Shorter hardware provides a more secure and longer lasting mount. Whenever you use aftermarket wheels, always check for full turn range and use as many risers as you need to prevent wheelbite.

Precision Pin c24pin

The key to the smooth and effortless action of this truck literally pivots on the machined pivot pin and its new angle. The precisely polished pin fits the pivot cup perfectly so there’s no side-to-side dance or restrictive binding, either of which compromises performance. We put a dab of grease on thepivot so it rotates effortlessly, so all you feel is the resilient rebound of the urethane bushings. Further, this polish eliminates pivot cup wear, giving you long-lasting performance. For a truck that is pumped side-to-side with great force repeatedly, this is a very important feature.


Because the C2 is a Standard King Pin (SKP) rear truck, the kingpin faces mountcx4forward when the truck is mounted to thetail. This is the opposite of the front CX truck, which is a Reverse King Pin (RKP) truck, or the C7, which is a Swiveling Arm front truck. Since this is a directional set up like a surfboard, the advantage of this is that both front and rear axles are trailing behind the kingpins, reducing the propensity for leading-axle induced wobbles. Further reducing this tendency is the differential between the front and back turn rates. This is because as the front turns more sharply, the rear has a more moderate rate of turn and so acts as a sort of rolling rudder that stabilizes the board at higher speeds.



History of the Carver C2 Truck

So for the past 16 years we’ve subscribed to the philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement. So for the past 9 years we’ve continued to work on ways to make each new version of this truck perform better than the last. With this latest version, the CX.4, we’ve boosted the performance of this truck to have an amount of thrust none of us ever thought possible. Here’s the history of this incredible truck:


1996-1998: Our first C2 was one of our earliest trucks, and since most of our efforts were focused on developing our signature C7 (then called the C1) it was a fairly simple standard truck. We made it a bit taller to match the C1, and made one of the first cast-in cup washers on the base, but the axle was a bit too close to the kingpin nut so adjusting it was difficult, and the geometry was hardly more than a copy of other standard trucks of the time. Even the logo was just standard pattern letters.


1999-2004: As with all progression, we had a list of improvements by this time, so we set out to make a rear truck worthy of our dynamic C7 front surf truck. We squared off the pivot cup block for tail sliding, fixed the axle distance from the kingpin nut and beefed up the hanger for grinds. We also changed the .55” bottom barrel bushing for a .55” bottom conical bushing, and increased the top conical bushing from a standard shortboard .375” to a .55”. This increased the range and fluidity of the action and better coordinated the movement with C7.


2005-2012: The next round of changes were primarily visual changes to the base, as we were content with how this standard rear truck was performing. We shaved off some material on the base to reduce weight and revised the logo to feature our new custom Hex font.


2013: With the introduction of our Precision Pin developed for our CV RKP truck, as well as the new prototyping methods we pioneered, it was time to apply our latest knowledge to this trusty staple. One of the more dramatic changes to the long-standing geometry of this rear truck was the change in pivot pin angle. We found that some hard-pumping riders were actually able to wear out the pivot cup due to the constant side-to-side motion of the pin in the cup, and if they didn’t replace them they would continue to wear right into the base. Besides creating undesirable play in the rear truck, we did not like how it was not lasting as long as our bearing-action swivel front truck or RKP CX front truck. So we lined the pin up exactly with the angle of turn and machined the pin so it rotates smoothly without any friction or binding. Besides adding indefinite years to the pivot action, the boost in performance gained by this, as well as the increased bushing size, has made this humble rear truck contribute to the overall performance of the board in a dramatic way. Truly the other half to an incredible truck set.