Boardroom Bound

Posted On 20 May 2014

Boardroom Bound

On 20 May 2014 By Carver Skateboards

Carver was stoked to be a part of the Boardroom Show that hit Del Mar, CA this weekend, drawing a big crowd and packing the Fairgrounds with surfers and industry members alike. It was an opportunity to check out some of the most innovative surf technology today, from the growing trend of long-rail stubbies to bio-based resins and recycled foams. And if meeting the crews behind the creations wasn’t enough, some of the top shapers in the industry competed in the Chunk of Foam Challenge, tasked with recreating the classic 1974 era Ben Aipa Stinger. Longtime surfboard craftsman Roger Hinds took the coveted Golden Planer home for his recreation of the board Aipa shaped for the late Hawaiian legend Buttons Kaluhiokalani. We also ran into Matt Beard, the master of wave painting behind several Carver decks, including the ever-popular Greenroom. We’re stoked to be working with Matt on another new model coming soon! Big thanks to Sean Mattison for bringing one of his Flying Manta surfboards to display alongside his skateboard model, it really communicated the true connection between surf and skate.

Here are some images we snapped in between deep conversations about rail lines and truck geometries: